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Nibe Fighter 360p Service Manual

nibe fighter 360p service manual


Nibe Fighter 360p Service Manual























































Cieling VentsAssuming the installer has done things right, these vents are precisely set, meaning you must not touch them. Open WindowsYou can have your windows and doors open as much as you like, but only if outside temps are above 16 degrees. If there's no warm air, the heat pump fails. Do not use Economy 7, because your boiler uses the same energy in the day, than it will at night. Raiator TapsHave all your radiators on, and have them set on medium (III). In most cases it is 0.0712 per kWh (2010). They should arrange a day to meet with you, possibly with an engineer. .. (2kw of heatpump output 21c input air and 8kw electrical immersion)They cannot cope when the temp drops below a 10C outside as they rely on the air temp of the room to replenish energy so once the heatloss reaches a certain point the unit starts consuming more energy than it produces at which stage it just throws on the immersion. As content on the forum is user driven please contact the user who posted the information and ask them to change it..


Spreading the cost of Winter heating over 12 months by direct debit is the only affordable option. Although housing associations aren't responsible for the poor installation, some have made the right decision and acted fast. Our Struggle show All over the country brand new estates are appearing, some with houses that have to meet a certain level of build quality to receive funds for eco-friendly technologies from the HCA (Housing Communities Agency). The boiler logs what you do. You can ask them to move you to the next stage of the process, to show you wont go away. An expired defects guarantee on your property should also not be used as an excuse. Having an engineer there may seem like a waste of time, but it means your HA will use this visit against NIBE when the boiler continues to fail (and it will fail). The developer will have given the assessor the COP value of the boiler to complete the assessment. 100s of Fighters have been replaced with better air/ground source and gas.


Welcome NIBE Fighter boilers are found in many brand-new affordable social homes up and down the UK. STEP 5 Too long If your HA has run out of answers, not making any sense or lost interest in your complaint. Still, if the boiler is undersized, or the house isn't fit, it's all pointless - again, NIBE aren't paid to care about heat loss. This could be meter readings, bills and studying the difference between Summer and Winter months. You must get it "activated". Click the button to read in detail.


Therefore, your housing association should take immediate action to support/top-up your meter and establish solution to your escalating bills quickly. However, if the developer hasn't provided a heat loss assessment, NIBE will still design and overlook potential problems. NIBE UK's actions have made everyone think twice about the heat pump industry, in a time when the UK should be heavily investing in it. They're more heat dump than heat pump. These things have been removed by their hundreds all over the uk.


This is either from installation or when you moved in, your housing association should be able to tell you.. Does the NIBE Fighter recycle all the exhaust air leaving the house?No - the boiler's heat pump will only use the exhaust air when there is a demand for heat. If the boiler does nothing, then the thermostat is doing nothing. Highlights YouTube - NIBE on ITV News YouTube - NIBE on Rip Off Britain YouTube - Fighter 360P Wasting Warm Air YouTube - NIBE on BBC News West . Residents paying 1000-2000 or more for their electric per year is becoming the norm - when their heating should be costing around 400-500. These things have been removed by their hundreds all over the uk. You can check the outside temperature by pressing "+" until it appears on screen. STEP 2 Your HA's response Your HA must send you information about how their complaints process works.

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